We are a family run dance and acrobatics academy providing children in the local area expert tuition at affordable prices.


Lauren Clavin first set up the school in Nov 2009 at Roberttown Community Centre with the aim to provide children with high quallity dance tuition in a fun and caring enviroment at affordable prices for their parents.


We tailor our classes to meet the needs of all children whether it be you a attend classes with professional aspiration’s or just for fun we are here to help every step of the way and help create childhood memories to last a lifetime.


I'm sure you will find something for you at one of our many classes


   Tap - Ballet  - Modern Jazz

Acrobatics  - Musical Theatre  - Troupe

Freestyle  - Street  - Contemporary

    Adult Classes - inc Tap, Street, Acro, Zumba

Private Lessons available on request to support class development.


For details please see our classes page where you will also find our timetable.


Each child/adult performer at the school get the chance to take part in:

* An annual summer show 

* A winter show

* Professional Workshops

* Take IDTA examinations 

* Local and Regional competitions

* Take Acrobatic Arts Assessments

* In house workshops and holiday clubs


 Providing plenty of opportunities for your child to shine and be a star.


If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me (Lauren) on 07823771514 or email enquiries@laurenjdance.co.uk


For up to date info please like our Facebook page – Lauren J Dance







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