My love, passion and training for acro began with this little girl.

My bendy baby as I used to (and still do) call her. At a very young age my daughter liked to bend and stretch. She could do a bridge and all 3 splits at the age of 3, front limbers and walkovers by 4 and now at the age of 15 she is hugely interested in contortion and aerial skills too, so we have grown and learnt together.

Over the years I have always strived to find safe and effective ways to teach acrobatics, contortion and aerials. 

At LJDA we love the Acrobatic Arts syllabus it incorporates everything we need to be strong, flexible dancers. We are lucky enough to have not one not two but three certified Acro coaches at LJDA. Lauren is also certified with Alixa Flexibility.


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Acro classes are most effective when taken alongside a CGC (Core General Class) in particular ballet.

Classes available are...


4.00pm - Intermediates

5.00pm - Beginners

6.00pm - Limbering

6.00pm - Contortion


4.00pm - Beginners

6.00pm - Intermediates


9.30am - Acro Tots